Is ChatGPT Conscious?

Two robots exhibiting signs of self-awarenessNow that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has achieved an unprecedented level of complexity, the technology behind ChatGPT prompts us to ponder what machines can truly perceive, understand, or “know.” Is it possible for a model as advanced as ChatGPT to possess a form of consciousness? Systems like ChatGPT, capable of replicating human language and engaging in conversations that mimic human interaction, might reshape our understanding of consciousness. How do these machines compare to the workings of the human brain? Let’s delve deeper into these questions, as well as the concepts of panpsychism, emergent consciousness, functional and instrumental consciousness. Let’s explore the boundary between human and machine.

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Ethical Dilemmas of AI: Let’s Have an Open Discussion

A scale with a human and a robot standing behind itArtificial Intelligence (AI) allows for tremendous advancements. At the same time, these developments bring to light interesting ethical issues and dilemmas. These challenges, sometimes feeling a tad uncomfortable, aid us in understanding the potential impact of AI on our daily lives. During my Business Administration studies, I followed the course ‘Artificial Intelligence, Business and Consumers’ with great interest, where we deeply discussed these issues under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Stefano Puntoni. While AI undoubtedly offers wonderful opportunities for businesses and consumers, we must take ethical implications seriously.

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