American flamingo party
Saddle-billed stork cleaning his feathers
Great white pelican cleaning his feathers
Ring-tailed lemur in the sun
Three ring-tailed lemurs
Group of horse riders are on the road
White stork flying in the sky
White stork flying
Maroon-bellied parakeet looks naughty
Angry white-rumped shama
The beautiful toco toucan
Coat of arms Leiden
Hooglandse kerk Leiden
Hooglandse kerk, seen from Burght van Leiden
Pile of wood
Two ring-tailed lemurs
Ring-tailed lemur
Rainbow lorikeets kissing
Palacio de Cristal Madrid
Almudena Cathedral Madrid
Bike on a bridge
Tree and boat with reflection in the water
Prinsengracht Amsterdam
Oude Rijn in Leiden
Windmill De Valk in Leiden
Great crested grebe
A dog is walking through the forest
Grey heron
Bridge in Polderpark Cronesteyn
KLM airplane at Polderbaan
Kromme Weele Middelburg
Young seagull
Westerpark Zoetermeer
Yellow white flower
Beautiful purple flowers
Water lily
Hemerocallis fulva
Bee sitting on cow parsley
Eight of the 19 windmills of Kinderdijk
Dutch flag waving at Kinderdijk
Five windmills of Kinderdijk
Boat sailing - Nieuwe Waterschap - Kinderdijk
A row of windmills in Kinderdijk
Windmills at Kinderdijk
Wilg in Benthuizen
Bentwoudlaan in Benthuizen
Highland cattle in Westduinpark
Highland cattles relaxing in The Hague
Meidoornweg in Amsterdam
Red bicycle and blue space scooter
Insect hotel in Amsterdam
Chairs as wall art
Cyclist at NDSM Shipyard
The Pontsteiger in Amsterdam
Inside the Metro in Amsterdam
The Rijksmuseum from Museumplein
Amsterdam Tram 4 at Rembrandtplein
Columbusstraat The Hague
Scheveningen seen from the Pier
Birds flying high
Rose-ringed parakeet eating berries
Mute swan in Kralingse Plas
Mallard in Kralingse Plas
Aeromexico N438AM landing at Schiphol
Kamperland in Zeeland
Hydrangea macrophylla
Bee sitting on Cosmos bipinnatus Candy Stripe
Orange coneflower
African grey parrot on a branch
Grey parrot sitting in a tree
Blue purple flower